2. At least one Range Use Card carrier must be present whenever the range is in use.
  3. Range Use Cards are to be visibly displayed at all times while shooting on the range.
  4. Range Use Card carriers may have up to six (6) guests at one time. Please remember you are responsible for the safety of your guests, and you should not leave them unsupervised while on the range.
  5. The Range gate will be secured with a combination lock. Holders of the Range Use Card will be notified each time the combination is changed. Range Use Cardholders must not disclose the combination to anyone other than another Range Use Cardholder.
  6. The Range is open to minors from the ages of 7 years to 17 years while under the direct supervision of an adult. Once the age of 18 years is reached the person will be considered as an adult and will need to apply for a regular range card, and will no longer require direct supervision. Minors, like adults, must be competent with a bow and arrow and practice proper shooting line etiquette. PPOA members possessing Range Use Cards will sign waivers for those in their immediate family who will be issued Limited Range Use Cards, and for their guests. The host range cardholder must accompany any guests at the range whether or not said guests are minors.
  7. ALL persons entering and leaving the range must be registered in the range log. The range log will be kept on the exterior shelf of the Range Shed.
  8. Alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited on the Range while any shooting is in progress.
  9. Any person who appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol is prohibited to be on the Range.
  10. If you observe any unsafe conditions and cannot correct them, notify PPOA security immediately.
  11. Firearms, other than bows and air guns, are prohibited at all times.
  12. Shooting will only be from the designated location at the back of the safety roof structure. Only one shooter is allowed per shooting lane at one time.
  13. Shooting will not commence until all persons are at or behind the firing line and the range is called "HOT."
  14. All archers/shooters must remain at or behind the firing line until the range is called "COLD!" This can be signaled by anyone at the firing line blowing of a whistle or verbally calling the line "COLD!"
  15. Once the line is called "COLD!" all archers/shooters must secure their bows/guns and then retrieve their arrows or review/change their targets at the same time. Bows are to be hung on the provided hooks while the Range is called "COLD". Air guns must be put in the safety mode and placed in the provided PVC tubes, barrel pointing downward, while the Range is called "COLD". No one is allowed to handle their bows/guns while the Range is called "COLD".
  16. Vehicles and pets are not allowed on the Range at any time.
  17. Arrows and air gun projectiles must always be directed towards a proper target (as defined below), never shot up in the air, and never towards person(s) or wildlife. Anyone caught deliberately doing so will be asked to leave the facility immediately.
  18. Broadheads may only be shot at broadhead targets and are to be supplied by the archers using broadhead arrows. The range target butts are not designed to receive broadheads. Anyone found shooting broadhead arrows at the range target butts will be asked to leave the facility immediately.
  19. Members are encouraged to inscribe the fletching (feathers) with their Range Use Card number. This facilitates the return of arrows found on the range to the correct owner. Arrows found on the range should be left in the "lost and found bucket" at the range.
  20. Deposit all trash into proper trash bins and cigarette butts in appropriate receptacles.
  21. A proper target is defined as a hay bale or any other target that will absorb the projectile and not cause a ricochet.
  22. Person(s) violating these rules are subject to penalties as outlined in Section 12.