from 2:00 to 4:00

at the Archery Range.

Mr. Easter Bunny has again returned to deposit a number of left over Turkey eggs with us. Three of the eggs will hatch into full blown frozen turkeys just in time to feed the family this Thanksgiving.

All you have to do is hit one of the 3 lucky eggs and we will see to it that you get the bird, (and the broken egg as further proof of your prowess with the bow and arrow).

If you hit an egg that does not contain a turkey you will win the egg and be congratulated on your marksmanship by one of the officials, so anyone who hits an egg is a winner!

  • You have to be over 18 years old.
  • Each archer pays a $2.00 entry fee to us.
  • Shoot 3 arrow rounds until 4:00 or till all turkey bearing eggs are spoken for, (whichever comes 1st).
  • Limit of 1 turkey to an individual archer, 3 turkeys are available.

Bring your own bows and arrows or we will supply the equipment if you don't have your own.

You may bring a picnic if you wish, but no alcoholic beverages are allowed on the range, however we do have a large parking lot available for tailgate parties..