An archery club in St. Lucie County is now forming. The club is open to all adults and their immediate families. We invite skilled archers and not so skilled wanabee archers to join us. .

If you are already an archer you will have the pleasure of coaching other adult club members who are interested in becoming archers. If you are new to archery and are interested in becoming a skilled archer the club has a place for you as basic archery coaching will be free to club members.

We are hoping to have the County, or City government consider developing an archery park consisting of an open area for field targets and wooded area for 3-D. (A 3D range is a target range using life sized animal targets in a forested setting. Much like a hunting scenario.)

If the St. Lucie County Parks Dept., St. Lucie Environmental Resources Dept. or the Ft. Pierce Parks Dept. will consider setting up an archery facility for the citizenry, we will be happy to assist them in its planning and operations.
We are in touch with the Florida Archery Association and are looking forward to hosting state wide competitions in the future. We hope to have frequent club member competitions and in time FAA sanctioned competitions.

Club dues have yet to be determined, but we promise that the dues will be minimal. The dues will be used exclusively to purchase equipment for the club and pay for target faces and 3-D targets

If you're interested in more details contact us via e-mail click HERE